Privacy Policy

Check-Raise’s purpose and limitation of liability
Check-raise does not organize any poker tournaments but offers a management and publication tool for poker organizers and players.
It is the responsibility of the organizer to respect the federal and cantonal laws that correspond to the place where the tournaments are organized.
Check-Raise has no supervisory role and is not responsible for any non-compliance with the law by an organizer. This supervision is the task of the cantonal and federal authorities.

Excessive gambling
Check-Raise does not accept any responsibility for excessive gambling. It is the responsibility of the organizer to set up a prevention system according to the law.
Check-Raise provides statistical tools to help the organizer to detect possible problems among players.

Privacy Policy
All data is stored on a server in Switzerland at Kreativmedia AG. Check-raise makes every effort to protect the data but accepts no responsibility for hacking and/or exploitation of the data.
Check-Raise does not store any payment data. The payment process is handled by the service with high security protocol.
Player data is confidential and only accessible by the organizers, provided that a player has registered for one of their tournaments.
Check-Raise will only release a player’s personal data upon request from the authorities. Check-Raise cannot be held responsible for any accidental or intentional disclosure of data by an organizer. (printing on paper, theft of material, theft of password…).

Registration on Check-Raise
By registering at Check-Raise, players and organizers agree to provide their authentic data.
The data of the players will in principle be checked when entering a tournament and the organizers may refuse entry to a player who has provided false information.

Hyperlinks and advertising
The Check-Raise website contains multiple hyperlinks that may be inserted by advertisers. Check-Raise is not responsible for any dishonest use of these links but will remove them as soon as they are detected.

The website uses cookies stored in your browser. The user can refuse or delete these cookies at any time through the settings of his browser.

Legal Notice
Check-Raise is based in Fribourg and is operated by Alexandre Bourguet and Charly Mauron from fripoker Sàrl. The site administrators undertake not to exploit any data that could give fripoker Sàrl an advantage.

Intellectual property
The content and the various functions of the site have been developed by Check-Raise and are protected by copyright.

Data retention
The data of players and organizers is kept and archived even after deletion of a profile in order to provide a reliable statistical system for organizers and authorities.

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