General Terms of Service

1. Scope of Application
The present general terms and conditions apply to all contractual relationships
contractual relationships arising from the services offered by the Check-Raise Sàrl platform
(hereinafter “Check-Raise”), in particular the solutions of promotion and management of
tournament management solutions, between tournament organizers (hereinafter “Organizers”) and players on the one hand
(hereinafter “Organizers”) and players on the one hand, and Check-Raise on the other hand. By accessing the
services offered by Check-Raise, Tournament Organizers and Players agree to be
to be bound by these terms and conditions; otherwise, the services offered by
services offered by Check-Raise may not be used by either the Organizers or the
players. The terms and conditions may be changed at any time by Check-Raise
unilaterally by Check-Raise at any time, with changes taking effect upon
the present location on the Check-Raise platform; further use of the
platform; further use of the platform shall be deemed to constitute approval of the
Terms and Conditions by the organizers and the players.
The T&Cs valid at the time of acceptance of the offer are binding.

2. Service Offer
Check-Raise provides a platform for Organizers to promote their
promotion platform for their tournaments; they benefit from an inventory and a promotion of their
of their tournaments on the platform. Check-Raise manages
players’ registrations to tournaments. Once the registrations are completed, the list of
the list of registered players is sent to the organizers.
The services offered by Check-Raise are only available to
natural or legal persons who have their residence or registered office in Switzerland.

3. Prizes
The services offered by Check-Raise can be paid for either in the form of
token (hereinafter “Token”) or by subscription. The prices in
the Check-Raise platform at the time of the purchase are binding.
be binding. The prices are inclusive of value added tax (VAT).

4. Order
The ordering of services offered by Check-Raise is considered to be an offer to conclude a
offer to conclude a contract by the organizers or service takers.
service providers or service takers. Check-Raise may, without reason or justification, refuse to accept the offer
the offer and thus to provide its services. Any payments already made
at the time of refusal of the offer will be refunded.
5. Conclusion of the contract
The contract is concluded once Check-Raise has approved the offer made by an
by an organizer or contractor. An email confirming the conclusion of the contract
contract will be sent to the organizer or consumer after the acceptance of the
acceptance of the offer by Check-Raise.

6. Payment
The payment of the price takes place in Swiss francs. The accepted means of payment
accepted are credit cards Visa, Mastercard and American Express. The price including any costs are due immediately.

7. Liability
Check-Raise is not responsible for the subsequent course of the tournament.
of the tournament. It is the responsibility of the organizers to comply with the legal regulations
legal requirements for the organization of poker tournaments, the licensing of poker tournaments and
tournaments and solutions for the prevention of excessive gambling. Check-
Raise cannot be held responsible for any disputes or infringements resulting from the operation of a poker tournament
operation of a poker tournament, whether by organizers or players.
players. Check-Raise does not monitor compliance with
legal requirements for the operation of poker tournaments by the organizers,
the federal or cantonal authorities and the organizers, if any, are responsible for
authorities and its observance by the organizers, to the exclusion of Check-Raise. The statistical
provided by Check-Raise may be used by the organizers for the purpose of
for the purpose of detecting excessive gambling; Check-Raise accepts no responsibility for
for their use and urges the organizers to respect the legal requirements
legal requirements regarding problem gambling, in particular by setting up their own
their own prevention system.
Check-Raise will not be liable for any direct or indirect damages,
including loss of profits or goodwill that may arise from the use of the
the use of the services provided by Check-Raise by the organizer, as well as
as well as damages arising from the relationship between players and organizers, for example
such as fraud or theft.
Check-Raise does not offer any guarantee for the fill rate of tournaments,
minimum player participation or attendance. Check-Raise uses all of its
all of its technical resources to this end, but does not guarantee any
guarantee any result for the organizer. Check-Raise has no influence on
influence and cannot be held responsible for the organization and running of
tournaments that have been featured on Check-Raise. Check-
Raise cannot be held responsible for any disputes or infringements arising from the running of
of a tournament promoted on the platform and which involve both organizers and
and players.

8. Applicable law
All Swiss substantive law shall apply, with the exception of the rules of conflict of laws
conflict of laws rules and the Vienna Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of
1980 (CISG).

The place of jurisdiction is Fribourg.


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